Lower Costs

You can use Globalstockroom to lower your costs in a variety of ways

Reduce Min / Max Stock Levels Without the Risk

You can reduce your stock levels by sharing information (anonymously) between locations. For example there are 5 Fabs all stocking 5 copies of the same part, if each location knows there are 5 parts in stock in every other location, then individually each Fab could reduce their own stock level knowing that the part will still be available.

Get Multiple Quotes, Compare Pricing, Find New Suppliers

We offer a centralised shared pool of experience & feedback on many alternative suppliers. You can use this to find new suppliers, save money, or find parts with increased performance or reliability.

How Much Does Unplanned Downtime Really Cost?

The real cost is essentially unknown but will be in the many $000's. Finding a part fast is key to reducing downtime and lowering costs.

Compare Global Pricing Within Your Organisation

Using Globalstockroom as an internal solution, across several locations within your organization, it is easy to compare global pricing which you can use to buy the parts in the location which gives you the best pricing.

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