To help find tools and spare parts U4global developed the Globalstockroom platform. The platform can be tailored to suit - for more details please visit

Why was Globalstockroom developed?

Globalstockroom was developed to satisfy customer demand for lower costs and increased uptime. Multiple customers around the globe are all trying to find specialist parts that can be available from a variety of sources. Globalstockroom provided the ability to search for stock in multiple locations and request quotes from potential suppliers right from your desk.

Are all Parts in Stock?

As we dont hold stock, we work with multiple suppliers who either have parts on the shelf or can supply them, even on a lead time. We try very hard to keep our databases up-to-date, but unfortunately, with the nature of the business it may not always possible. One thing you can be sure of - we try not to list everything (unlike some others.....) and even if the items have already been sold we will try our best to provide you an alternative.

There are 3 types of stock that we list as shown in the Quantity column of the search results:

We try to keep all information as up to date as possible - if parts have been sold, you will be advised.

I have stock, how do I list it?

To get started right away you can simply e-mail us your stock list for review -

For more information or to discuss how we can work together please contact us on +44 (0)2380 760909 or